Volume 8 (2021)

Volume 8 (2021)

ISSN 2009-7409


General Editor: James Kapaló

Assistant Editor: Brian Bocking


Table of Contents


Revolution and Revelation – A Study of the Religiopolitical Lives and Legacies of Two Irish Republican Friends, Maud Gonne and Ella Young [PDF], pp. 1-32

Crossing the Threshold – ‘Mixed Marriages’ and the Census of the Republic of Ireland [PDF], pp. 33-58

Linking Scientific Cognition and the Experience of Nature – On the Interferences of Religion and Science in the Writings and Life of Werner Heisenberg [PDF], pp. 59-85

Breaking the “Stained Glass Ceiling” – Understanding the Social, Structural, and Theological Barriers to the Participation and Engagement of Ordained Women within the Church of Ireland [PDF], pp. 86-109
Emma PURSER & Hazel O’Brien

Reviews [PDF], pp. 110-113
Peter Mulholland, Love’s Betrayal: The Decline of Catholicism and Rise of New Religions in Ireland, reviewed by Adrian Stringer