Volume 4 (2017)

ISSN 2009-7409

Volume 4 (2017)
Special Issue:


Representing Sikhism:

Essays in Memory of the Irish Scholar Max Arthur Macauliffe

Guest Editors:
Christopher Shackle and Brian Bocking



Table of Contents [PDF]

Representing Sikhism Essays in Memory of the Irish scholar Max Arthur Macauliffe [PDF]
(pp. 1-6)
Christopher Shackle and Brian Bocking

Dining Alone in Rawalpindi Max Arthur Macauliffe Sikh Scholar, Reformer, and Evangelist [PDF]
(pp. 7-32)

Tadhg Foley

M. A. Macauliffe and the Angst of the Translator [PDF]
(pp. 33-57)

Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh


Placing Max Arthur Macauliffe in Contexts Sikh Historiographical Traditions and Colonial Forms of Knowledge [PDF] (pp. 58-73)
Anne Murphy


After Macauliffe The Wondrous Liberty of Puran Singh [PDF] (pp. 74-89)
Christopher Shackle


Book Reviews [PDF] (pp. 90-100)

Paul Gifford, Christianity, Development and Modernity in Africa, reviewed by Patrick Claffey

Niamh Reilly and Stacey Scriver (eds.), Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere, reviewed by Patricia Coughlan