Volume 3 (2016)


ISSN 2009-7409

Special Issue:

Festschrift in Honour of Professor Brian Bocking


Table of Contents [PDF]

Editorial [PDF] (pp. 1-2)
Jenny Butler, Yafa Shanneik and James Kapaló

Painting a Picture [PDF] (pp. 3-15)
Peggy Morgan

Brian Bocking – Making of the Study of Religions [PDF] (pp. 16-26)
Oliver Scharbrodt

Brian Bocking and the Defence of Study of Religions as an Academic Discipline in Universities and Schools [PDF] (pp. 27-41)
Denise Cush and Catherine Robinson

Paganism and the World Forum of Religions [PDF] (pp. 42-58)
Michael York

ASR and RE [PDF] (pp. 59-83)
Tim Jensen

Monotheism and Modernity – W. E. Hearn, Ireland, Empire, and the Household Gods [PDF] (pp. 84-107)
Tadhg Foley

Early Western Lay Buddhists in Colonial Asia – John Bowles Daly and the Buddhist Theosophical Society of Ceylon [PDF] (pp. 108-139)
Laurence Cox and Mihirini Sirisena

Crisis, Change and ‘the Continuous Art of Individual Interpretation and Negotiation’ – The Aftermath of Clerical Sexual Abuse in Newfoundland [PDF] (pp. 140-170)
Marion Bowman

From Non-Brahmin Priests of the Goddess to Ascetics of God Mahima Alekha [PDF] (pp. 171-185)
Lidia Guzy

Recent Trends in the White Light Association (Byakkō Shinkōkai) [PDF] (pp. 186-197)
Michael Pye

Problematic Conceptions and Critical Developments – The Construction and Relevance of Religion and Religious Studies in Japan [PDF] (pp. 198-218)
Ian Reader

All Too Human – The Impact of International Buddhist Networks on the Life of the Burmese Nationalist Monk Shin Ukkaṭṭha (1897-1978) [PDF] (pp. 219-235)
Kate Crosby and Janaka Ashin

Michael Pye, Translating Drunk – and Stark Naked Problems in Presenting Eighteenth Century Japanese Thought [PDF] (pp. 236-249)
Tim Barrett

Elder Gongga (1903-1997) between China, Tibet and Taiwan – Assessing Life, Mission and Mummification of a Buddhist Woman [PDF] (pp. 250-272)
Stefania Travagnin